What are the differences between standard parts and non-standard parts of automobile dies

The standard parts of automobile dies refer to the general name of metal parts used in stamping dies, plastic molds or FA automation equipment exclusively in the die industry.

Mold accessories are widely used in various types of plastic molds, stamping molds, automotive, electrical and aviation manufacturing fields.

1. Mold non-standard parts
Non standard parts of moulds generally refer to the moulds with different specifications and shapes and structures relative to standard moulds. Generally speaking, non-standard mold parts are processed by suppliers according to drawings and requirements provided by customers; The mold accessories stand out in the hardware accessories because of their high precision requirements and high quality requirements. All mold accessories have very high requirements for their industrial and technical equipment, and the non-standard mold degree is up to 0.001 mm tolerance.

2. Mold standard parts
Generally speaking, the mold standard parts are standardized, unnecessary and popular. The standard parts can be subdivided into plastic mold accessories, metal punch mold accessories and automatic machinery accessories.

Hardware die accessories include: H-type straight body punch, A-type secondary punch, edge forming punch, K-type budding punch, B-type guide punch, A-type punch, punch, die, bushing, high-speed steel round bar, ultra-fine tungsten steel round bar, powder high-speed steel round bar, floating pin, floating material pin, stop screw, locating pin (fixed pin), contour sleeve, guide post, guide sleeve, grade chrome plated guide post, grade copper titanium alloy guide sleeve, self-lubricating guide sleeve Inner guide pillar assembly, sliding guide pillar assembly for mold base, ball guide pillar assembly for mold base, detachable ball guide pillar assembly, outer guide pillar assembly, guide pillar, hexagon screw, contour screw, etc.