Types of auto parts

The basic unit that constitutes each part of a vehicle for transportation, also called auto parts, or auto parts for short, is mainly composed of the following parts:

Engine auto parts

Throttle body, engine, engine assembly, oil pump, nozzle, tensioner, cylinder block, bearing bush, water pump, fuel injection, gasket, camshaft, valve, crankshaft, connecting rod assembly, piston, belt, muffler, chemical Oil tank, oil tank, water tank, fan, oil seal, radiator, filter

Drivetrain Auto Parts

Transmission, gear shift lever assembly, reducer, clutch, pneumatic, power tools, magnetic materials, electronic components, clutch disc, clutch cover, universal joint, universal ball, universal ball, ball cage, clutch disc , transfer case, power take-off, synchronizer, synchronizer ring, timing belt, differential, differential case, differential disc angle teeth, planetary gear, wheel carrier, flange, gearbox, intermediate shaft, Gear, lever fork, drive shaft assembly, drive shaft flange

Brake system auto parts

Brake shoes, brake pads, brake disc, brake drum, compressor, brake assembly, brake pedal assembly, brake master cylinder, brake wheel cylinder, ABS-ECU controller, electric hydraulic pump, brake camshaft, Brake roller, brake tellurium pin, brake adjustment arm, brake chamber, vacuum booster, hand brake assembly, parking brake assembly, parking brake lever assembly

Steering auto parts

Kingpin Steering Gear Knuckle Ball Pin ...

Walking accessories

Rear axle, air suspension system, balance weight, steel plate, tire, leaf spring, half shaft, shock absorber, steel ring assembly, half shaft bolt, axle housing, frame assembly, wheel base, front axle

Electrical instrument accessories

Sensors, car lamps, buzzers, spark plugs, batteries, wiring harnesses, relays, audio, alarms, regulators, distributors, starters (motors), one-way devices, car meters, switches, insurance sheets, glass regulators, Generator, ignition coil, igniter

car lamps

Decorative lights, headlights, searchlights, ceiling lights, anti-fog lights, instrument lights, brake lights, tail lights, turn signals, emergency lights

Car modification

Tire pump, car roof rack, car roof box, electric winch, car buffer, sunroof, sound insulation material, bumper, fixed wind wing, fender, exhaust pipe, fuel saver

Security anti-theft

Steering wheel lock, wheel lock, anti-theft device, rear view mirror, rear view system, camera, seat belt, driving recorder, central control lock, GPS, ABS, reversing radar, gear lock

Automotive interior

Car carpet (foot pad) Steering wheel cover Steering wheel power ball Curtain, sun gear ...

automotive exterior

Wheel cover Body color sticker License plate holder Weather...

Comprehensive auto parts

Adhesives, Sealants Vehicle Tools Auto Springs Plastic Parts ...

Audio and video appliances

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Decoder Display Vehicle Intercom ...

Chemical Care

Coolant Brake Fluid Antifreeze Lubricant ...

Body and accessories

Wipers Auto Glass Seat Belts, Airbags Dashboards ...

Maintenance equipment

Sheet metal equipment Purification system Tire changer Corrector ...

electrical tools

Electric punching shears Heat gun Electric jack Electric wrench

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