Seven matters should be paid attention to in the development and injection of medical device molds

Seven matters should be paid attention to in the development and injection of medical device molds
Compared with ordinary molds, the control in the manufacturing process of medical device accessories molds is different. We need to pay attention to the following matters.
1, We need to know whether the customer's product belongs to class 1, class 2 or class 3 medical devices. In the process of making medical device molds, the automation, cleanliness and production process control are different. For example, if it is class 2 medical consumables, we design the mold In the process, fully automated production will be considered to reduce the participation of personnel, and the ejection and lubrication systems will be different from ordinary molds, reducing the pollution of oil contamination to medical equipment products.
2, We will also recommend suitable medical plastics according to the specific needs of customers' medical products. Engaged in medical injection molding for more than 10 years, we have accumulated rich information on medical plastics at home and abroad, which can help customers choose medical equipment and medical equipment suitable for you. Suitable plastic for consumables. Not only from the use of medical products, but also from the medical injection molding process to help customers reduce costs and improve quality. We firmly believe that easy processing and smooth process are the key factors to ensure the quality and low price of medical plastic products.
3. The barrel temperature of ordinary injection molding machines cannot meet the melting requirements of high-temperature plastics. For the injection of high-temperature medical plastic products, the company is also equipped with specific medical injection molding machines to produce high-temperature medical plastic products.
4, The company is equipped with imported medical micro-injection molding machines, which are specialized in the injection molding production of small products ranging from 0.1g to 0.5g to ensure product accuracy.
5, We will choose the appropriate mold structure and injection molding production plan according to your medical plastic production and processing quantity requirements, product structure and quality requirements, and will also help you recommend suitable and cost-effective medical plastics.
6, Before the medical device mold is opened, we will provide a manufacturable information report to ensure that you and us have a consistent understanding of quality, structure and product optimization, while eliminating the risk of mold development and medical plastic production.
7, At the beginning of your inquiry, we will ask you about the requirements of medical packaging methods, to ensure the cost and medical product packaging safety in the early stage